Despite the beautiful glow we get from living our active life surfing and playing in the sun, it can quickly wreak havoc on our complexion.  Dark spots, clogged pores from loads of sunscreen , dehydration and wind burn are just a few of the consequences our skin faces from living in the islands.  Your skin needs and deserves special care. Our treatments are customized to meet your skin's particular needs.  


Steam + Clean  

60 min $65

A purifying treatment based on traditional European deep cleansing techniques and designed for all skin types.  Skin conditioning begins with  a thorough cleanse, steam treatment to open pores, emphasis on extractions, neck and shoulder massage and finally the face is embraced in a customized masque designed to harmonize with individual skin types. 

Dehydration Therapy Facial

60 min $65

Dry, tired & dull skin immediately come to life when specific hydrating treatments  are customized to your skin type.  Instantly flooding the skin with freshness, this facial provides a delightful remedy for severe moisture deficiencies caused by stress, environmental elements and travel.  

Gentlemen's Facial

60 min $65

Specifically designed for the gentleman's complexion , this facial features relaxing massage movements. A purifying masque disperses beneficial botanical properties to the heart of the skin, while a moisturizing serum leaves cells hydrated and refreshed.

Surfer's Delight Facial

60 min $65

This facial is specifically designed for the hardcore surfer who spends a significant amount of time under the sun and in the ocean.  For the individual that wants to take the best care of their skin but does not want to sacrifice precious time in the water.  A deep cleanse with steam treatment, enzyme treatment to help lighten sun spots, deep pore extractions to clear out sunscreen gunk, a relaxing shoulder and neck massage and a customized masque to fit your skin's specific needs.  

Facial Express

30 min $35

Our express facial designed to treat your skin's specific needs with none of the fluff.  

Teen Clean Facial

45 min $40

During a time of constant change, bring balance to your skin. We will effectively  address dry, sensitive, combination and blemished skin, all while teaching you techniques to use at home!

Add on to any facial:

Foot Scrub & Massage


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